Balance sheet

Assets 3,000,000  EUR 2,000,000  EUR 1,000,000  EUR
Current Assets 0  EUR 0  EUR 1,000,000  EUR
Net Receivables 0  EUR 0  EUR 1,000,000  EUR
Liabilities 3,000,000  EUR 2,000,000  EUR 2,000,000  EUR
Equity 3,000,000  EUR 2,000,000  EUR 2,000,000  EUR
Common Stock 1,000,000  EUR 1,000,000  EUR 1,000,000  EUR
Retained Earnings 2,000,000  EUR 1,000,000  EUR 1,000,000  EUR

Key figures

On 31/12/16 the equity of company ACI-ANCHOR CAP.INVESTM. was 3,000,000 EUR.  As its assets have been 3,000,000 EUR the equity ratio is 100 %.  As the equity ratio is very high, the risk of selective default is lower than average. An investment in bonds of this company can be recommended, though first a deeper analysis of the current financial situation of ACI-ANCHOR CAP.INVESTM. should take place.

The book value per share of ACI-ANCHOR CAP.INVESTM. (ISIN: AU000000ACI2) is 0. Current market price is 0.3800 Euro. As the current market price is higher than the book value per share, this financial instrument might not be a promising investment. Please check whether there are other factors like goodwill that justify this valuation.

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