31/08/20 12:33 augustine - AMRYT PHARMA PLC
For the year ended December 31, 2019, total Amryt consolidated assets increased by US$453.5 million over the preceding year's assets of US$80.8 million to US$534.3 million. Total non-current assets advanced to US$387.1 million (FY2018: US$61.5 million) and total-current assets advanced to US$147.2 million (FY2018: US$19.3 million) with the end of year cash balances of US$67.2 million (FY2018: US$11.2 million). Total consolidated equity advanced significantly to US$129.3 million (FY2018: US$-3.7 million) with an equity ratio of 28.5% (FY2018: -4.6%). Refer to the Annual Report for more. 
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