Income statement overview

31/08/20 17:09 augustine - AMRYT PHARMA PLC
For the twelve months closed December 31, 2019, Amryt generated revenues amounting to US$58.1 million, advancing from US$17.1 million in FY2018. Gross profit in the year advanced to US$16.1 million (FY2018: US$10.8 million) and the operating loss before finance expense was US$53.8 million (FY2018: US-18.0 million). The loss and the total comprehensive loss for the year attributable to the equity holders of Amryt stood at US$65.5 million (FY2018: US-30.4 million) and US$64.8 million (FY2018: US-30.6 million), respectively. The basic and diluted loss per share attributable to the ordinary equity holders of Amryt was US$-0.86 (FY2018: US-0.67). Refer to the Annual Report for more.  
New Account Cash And Cash Equivalents created.
New Account Inventory created.
New Account Net Receivables created.
New Account Other Current Assets created.
New Account Accounts Payable created.
New Account Short/Current Long Term Debt created.
New Account Other Current Liabilities created.
New balance date 31/03/15 has been added.
The currency for balance date 31/12/18 has changed from EUR to USD.
The instrument GB00BKB1MS30 is now linked to account Equity.