Year ended December 31, 2018, financial highlights

09/01/20 14:53 augustine - Amazon Com Inc
According to the annual report, Amazon reported net sales amounting US$232.9 billion in the 2018 financial year, increasing from US$177.9 billion reported in the prior year (2016: US$136 billion, 2015: US$107 billion). Net income for the period was US$10.1 billion (2017: US$3 billion, 2016: US$2.4 billion, 2015: US$596 million). Basic earnings per share for the year of US$20.68 were significantly higher than US$6.32 in 2017 (2016: US$5.01, 2015: US$1.28) while diluted earnings per share for the year of US$20.14 were also significantly higher than US$6.15 in 2017 (2016: US$4.90, 2015: US$1.25). Net cash provided by operating activities of US$30.7 billion was higher than US$18.4 billion provided by operating activities in 2017 (2016: US$17.2 billion, 2015: US$12 billion). Total assets for the period were US$162.7 billion (2017: US$131.3 billion, 2016: US$83.4 billion, 2015: US$64.7 billion).
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